Posted by: iamipew | กันยายน 23, 2007


A big dog was going home after being out for a walk.
On the way home. he passed a butcher shop.
The dog saw a bone with meat. He also saw no one around.
So he ran to get the bone and hurried away.
On the way home, the dog has to cross a stream.
While crossing the stream, he saw the reflection of himself in the water
At that time, he thought that his reflection was the other dog. "Wow, that dog has even a bigger bone than mine." he thought.
He reached for that other dog he saw in the water.
But that did not work. So he opened his mouth to growl.
In doing so, the bone in the dog’s mouth fell into the water.
And it sank away immediately.
Then the dog realized that the other dog in the water was his own reflection.
The more the greed, the less the gains.
{butcher shop(บุชเชอร์-ฌ๊อพ)=ร้านขายเนื้อ, Stream(ซทรีม)=ลำธาร, Growl(กเราล)=ขู่คำราม
, Realize(รีแอ-ไรส)=รู้, Greed(กรีด)=ความโลภ, gain(เกน)=การได้รับ, hurry away(เฮอ-ริ ออร์-เว)=หนีไป
, reach for(รีช-ฟอร์)=เอื้อมคว้า}


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